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Poker is here and there. Maybe you are enjoy playing poker with your family or friends, but you are not familiar with it like me, such as its history, moral, playing ways. Now, followed me! Let’s  traced back to the sources of the Poker.

There are two meanings of Poker: One means poker cards, called playing cards as well. Another means the game which played by playing cards, named Poker game. Playing cards of 54 pieaces and 60 pieaces of two dimensional poker.
Many different reasons have been given about the resource of poker, some of scholars of France, Belgium, Italy, Egypt, India and North Korea insist take poker was invented by their own country, but what a pity that there is no conclusive historical data to exquisite, yet no consensus.
So far, the view which was universally accepted by Chinese and foreign scholars is modern poker originated from a game playing cards named “Leaves Game” in Tang Dynasty of China.
Far away the early period of Zhou Dynasty, the young Zhou Cheng King had to play a game--"Cut Indus Leaf for Gyu’’ with his brother Shu-Yu in the palace. Before the invention of paper, thus, leaves for the toy.
 According to legend, as early battle in the late Qin and Chu-Han period, in order to ease soldiers' homesickness, the General Han Xin invented a card game. Because the size as the size of leaves, so called "leaves play. (“Leaves cards”, the size as two fingers. length and width is 8 cm and 2.5 cm separately, framed with silk and paper, pattern is printed with woodblocks). It is said that this is the embryonic form of poker. From the literati and scholars to civilians, who are bored.
The era of the Tang and Song, Chinese ancestors invented a card for both games and gambling, called "leaves play”.
To the Ming and Qing Dynasties, "leaves play", 40 pieces per pair, divided into four categories. Pattern on the card, heading many figures: birds, animals, flowers, birds, insects, fish and so on. After the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic, the length of cards about 8 cm and the width about 2 cm, called Solitaire by people.
       The 12th century, this card game was brought to Europe by Marco Polo, which aroused great interest of the Westerners immediately. At the beginning, it is only the nobles’s luxury, but because of its low cost, diverse play ways and easy to learn, therefore, it was in fashion in the civil quickly. But another way of saying is that early poker is likely to be brought to Europe by the Egyptian in the 14th century.

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