Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Meaning of Q in Poker

Plum Q
Argine, originated from Scrabble in Europe, Regina in Latin was reassembled into Argine.

Diamond Q
Rachel, who was the second place and most beloved wife of Jacob (the ancestors of the Jews) according to the records of <<the Bible, Genesis>> as well as the mother of Joseph (Jesus' adoptive father) and Benjamin, the daughter of Laban, sister of Jacob first wife--Leah.

Hearts Q
Judith, the figure of <<The Bible, Old Testament>>, Judith was a beautiful widow of the ancient Hebrews. Assyria army invaded the Hebrew and truncated the water of Bethulia City, she seduced the Assyrian general Holofemes and taking advantage of his drunk sleeping, kill him in the tent and cut off the head which frightened the Assyrian army fled. Thus that saved the Bethulia.

Spades Q
Pallas Athena, who was the goddess in charge of wisdom and justice of war in Greek myth. Athena was one of the 12 Lord Gods of Olympus in Greek and one of the three goddesses of Olympus.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Meaning of Four K

Club K
Alexander the Great (Alexander of Macedon or King Alexander ,356-323 BC) of King of Macedonian Empire, Philip II (Philip II of Macedon)'s son, 20-year-old to inherit the throne, who is a vain attempt to rule the world. Firstly, establish dominance in the whole Greece, perish Persian Empire followed. Across the vast land of Europe, Asia, Africa, established a huge empire and Babylon as the capital, which west to Greece and Macedonia, east to the upper reaches of the Indus River, south to the First Falls of Nile River, north to the river(now called Syr River) of Central Asia.

Diamond K
Caesar the Great, Gaius Julius Caesar (Gaius Julius Caesar ,102-44BC) Roman Republic lifetime Archon, noble birth, served as a financial officer, the chief priests, the Lord Chancellor, Archon, Ombudsman, authoritarian officials and other staffs. Alliance with Pompey and Crassus secretly to forge first three headers during the first 60 years, subsequently became Gaul Governor and spent eight years to conquer whole territory of Gaul (now France), also attacked the Germanic and Britain. In 49BC, he led his army to occupy Rome, defeated Pompey and set power in a dictatorial rule. In 44BC, Caesar was assassinated by the Senate members of Brutus led. After Caesar died, his nephew grandson and adopted son-Octavian defeated Anthony, and then pioneered the Roman Empire and Octavian became the first emperor.

Hearts K
Charlie the Great (Charlemagne Charles the Great or the Carolus Magnus 742-814AD) Frankish king, subsequently coroneted as emperor of the Romans, During the 14 years of his reign, mobilized wars tackled people of Lombard, Saracen, Thacker Sen over 50 times and European territory over half was controlled by him. Under the guidance of the angel, he provoked the important task of defending the Christian world as well.

Spades K
King David (King David), the second king of the Israel United Kingdom, who lived around 1000 BC, David meaning "beloved", that is the father of King Solomon from legend, who was good at playing music and writing poetry. Jesus was a descendant of David according to The Bible.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Why the Pattern of Poker is 54 Pieces? (1)

The number of pokers is different all around the world in the early. 78 pieces per pair in Italy, 32 pieces per pair, 40 pieces per pair and 52 pieces per pair in Germany, Spain and France separately. Afterwards, 52 per pair evolved into the number of international poker, two “Jokers” (named great king and little king or Great ghost and little ghost) plus, 54 altogether. From this time, the suit, the number of points and the pattern of J, Q, K were finalized basically.
Different suits represent different meanings. The Western unified the meanings according to the Astronomy calendar. Because the number of poker in line with the Astronomy calendar, there is a saying that poker is the miniature of calendar. Cause as followed:
54 pieces per pair, means 52 weeks in a year. And two subsidiary pokers, one represents the sun, another represents the moon. Spade, heart, square and plum represents Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Red represents day and black represents night. Consistent with the number of 13 weeks in every season, there are 13 pieces each suit. The points of 13 pieces is 364 plus the point of little joker, is 365, which is same to days of general years. If plus the point of great joker, it happens to be a leap year days. J, Q, K and so on are 12 pieces totally, which indicate 12 months a year, also indicate the Sun gone by 12 constellations in a year.
According to the legend, Henry Ⅷ was the model of four K. Four K portraits pattern of the oldest surviving British poker, whose split curly beard and full beard are same to Henry VIII. That another legend is portrait pattern on the four Q is likely to be Queen Elizabeth of York Dynasty, the Queen of Henry VII. The development of French poker manufacturing has been along the route of the various manufacturers, the government issued an official approval of the design to give a name for each face cards in 1813, these names still being used in a lot of poker until today.

(To be continued)

Saturday, October 13, 2012


      As we all know, there are 4 patterns of the poker. Different patterns represents different morals as well.

In China, they stand for four colors of the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
Frenchman regards four colors as the spear, square, clove leaves and red heart.
Leaves, bells, acorns and hearts are four meanings of the pattern in Germany.
The Italians see them as the sword, coins, crutches and glasses.
They means acorns, bells, flowers and shield in Switzerland.
Four colors represent shovels, diamond, clover and red hearts in Britain.

Why four patterns were selected as poker suit? There are many sayings about them. The two which relatively centralized as the following:
The one: the four colors represents the four major industries of the society, which the Spades on behalf of spear, a symbol of soldier; the Plum on behalf of the clover flower, which symbolizes agriculture; the Square piece representatives craftsmen whom use bricks; the Heart on behalf of hearts, a symbol of pastor.
Another said that the four colors originated from the European ancient divination with the pattern of the artifacts, which the Spades on behalf of the olive leaves, a symbol of peace; the Plum was clover, means lucky; the Square piece was a diamond shape, a symbol of wealth; while Hearts for Hearts type, a symbol of wisdom and love.