Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Meaning of Four K

Club K
Alexander the Great (Alexander of Macedon or King Alexander ,356-323 BC) of King of Macedonian Empire, Philip II (Philip II of Macedon)'s son, 20-year-old to inherit the throne, who is a vain attempt to rule the world. Firstly, establish dominance in the whole Greece, perish Persian Empire followed. Across the vast land of Europe, Asia, Africa, established a huge empire and Babylon as the capital, which west to Greece and Macedonia, east to the upper reaches of the Indus River, south to the First Falls of Nile River, north to the river(now called Syr River) of Central Asia.

Diamond K
Caesar the Great, Gaius Julius Caesar (Gaius Julius Caesar ,102-44BC) Roman Republic lifetime Archon, noble birth, served as a financial officer, the chief priests, the Lord Chancellor, Archon, Ombudsman, authoritarian officials and other staffs. Alliance with Pompey and Crassus secretly to forge first three headers during the first 60 years, subsequently became Gaul Governor and spent eight years to conquer whole territory of Gaul (now France), also attacked the Germanic and Britain. In 49BC, he led his army to occupy Rome, defeated Pompey and set power in a dictatorial rule. In 44BC, Caesar was assassinated by the Senate members of Brutus led. After Caesar died, his nephew grandson and adopted son-Octavian defeated Anthony, and then pioneered the Roman Empire and Octavian became the first emperor.

Hearts K
Charlie the Great (Charlemagne Charles the Great or the Carolus Magnus 742-814AD) Frankish king, subsequently coroneted as emperor of the Romans, During the 14 years of his reign, mobilized wars tackled people of Lombard, Saracen, Thacker Sen over 50 times and European territory over half was controlled by him. Under the guidance of the angel, he provoked the important task of defending the Christian world as well.

Spades K
King David (King David), the second king of the Israel United Kingdom, who lived around 1000 BC, David meaning "beloved", that is the father of King Solomon from legend, who was good at playing music and writing poetry. Jesus was a descendant of David according to The Bible.

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