Saturday, October 13, 2012


      As we all know, there are 4 patterns of the poker. Different patterns represents different morals as well.

In China, they stand for four colors of the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
Frenchman regards four colors as the spear, square, clove leaves and red heart.
Leaves, bells, acorns and hearts are four meanings of the pattern in Germany.
The Italians see them as the sword, coins, crutches and glasses.
They means acorns, bells, flowers and shield in Switzerland.
Four colors represent shovels, diamond, clover and red hearts in Britain.

Why four patterns were selected as poker suit? There are many sayings about them. The two which relatively centralized as the following:
The one: the four colors represents the four major industries of the society, which the Spades on behalf of spear, a symbol of soldier; the Plum on behalf of the clover flower, which symbolizes agriculture; the Square piece representatives craftsmen whom use bricks; the Heart on behalf of hearts, a symbol of pastor.
Another said that the four colors originated from the European ancient divination with the pattern of the artifacts, which the Spades on behalf of the olive leaves, a symbol of peace; the Plum was clover, means lucky; the Square piece was a diamond shape, a symbol of wealth; while Hearts for Hearts type, a symbol of wisdom and love.

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